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Thursday, January 5, 2012

U.K. Artist: Ferret

Janet has just put up a post about Ricky Timms and his encounter with British quilt artist, Ferret.

IF you want to know more about this astounding and versatile artist, there is a You -tube video about her.
Here is the link:
Ferret: U.K. Quilt Artist

Here is a link to her portfolio:

Ferret's Portfolio


Happy New Year!!!

May all Tollgate Quilters Guild members have a prosperous New Year!
May we complete all our quilty projects!
Wishing you love, laughter and happiness in 2012!

Its been a while since I've put up posts on our blog, but I've just seen a beautiful quilt on Ricky Tims facebook page. Here is the link: 

Ricky Timms and London, England

The ballerina quilt is stunning!

It's a source of inspiration! Glenda , your fabrics would work perfectly in a quilt like that.


2012 has arrived and its almost time for  Tollgate Quilters Guild's first meeting of the year.
This will be at the Frere Road Presbytarian Church on 17th January at 7.00 pm.There will be a newsletter in the post to members shortly.

I know that Phil -our chair and her hard working committee have planned a pretty extensive program this year and I hope that everyone in the guild will join in. It REALLY doesn't matter if you are a beginner quilter or someone with experience- just join in. Feel free to ask questions if you need to - I promise that no-one will bite - and we can't help if we don't know what the questions are in the first place.

I would love to see more Tollgate members signing up as followers for the Tollgate blog and please feel free to comment.Comments help us decide what to put on the blog.  I would also love to see suggestions as to what you as members, would like to see on this blog.