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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Next Year's Greyville Show

I have come across a delightful cat quilt by Helena Brorhed from Sweden and thought that it would be ideal as a quilt for next year's exhibition at Greyville.
Take a look: I am sure you will be as charmed as I was. If you go on the blog site, all the parts are available as downloads.

Here is the link:

  Helena Brorhed's Cat Quilt

All the patterns are there for the entire quilt so all you have to do is down load them.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Colour Scheme Designer 3

At the beginning of the year I did a talk at the guild on colour- specifically monochromatic colour  and this is the little program I used  to do the graphics.

It's also the program that will give you the colours that colour blind people see rather than what we see.

This is a very useful program to use to develop colour schemes for your quilts instead of doing the usual " paint by numbers " routine and producing what everyone else is producing.

for those of you who are using Electric Quilt, you can copy colours from here and place them in your colour library the same way you would do fabrics.

Color Scheme Designer 3

Here is a colour scheme for you blue and purple lovers

This is what someone with
Deutranomaly colour blindness would see.Apparently this is about 5% of men.

Take a look and have fun planning your next quilt!

Patten Website

Its been a while since I posted on the Tollgate blog- mainly because of work but I just had to add this link :
                                              Crazy Lady Quilt Designs

There are some great paper ( foundation) piecing designs there which include very easy beginner designs. I think that this is a site to watch in the future.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Live Traffic Feed

I've been watching the live traffic feed on this blog for a while now and was wondering why we have plenty of visitors from all over the country- and the world for that matter, but very few from Durban.

Where are you all hiding?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sewing,Knitting and Craft Workshop

Hi Everyone

So good to be back! I've been so busy with school work!

From the 29th - 31st March 2012 Tollgate ladies were busy at the Sewing , Knitting and Craft Workshop.
Beth and her band of wonderful volunteers spent Wednesday the 28th setting up the Tollgate Quilters Guild stand at the workshop. They did a fantastic job !!! The theme was "Hearts". Many heart quilts were on display.The Tollgate ladies were at hand to explain , give advice and promote patchwork and quilting. Our ladies are always full of fun and laughter- a delightful group!! Other exhibitors popped around to say hi and have a quick chat before the day began.

Phil, Glenda, Mary And Beth did mini workshops . Phil demonstrated half square hearts to make a cushion cover, Mary - How to applique hearts on a tea towel, Glenda- How to make a lovely MugRug and Beth - Heart brooches and a Crazy heart shaped ornament to hang on your door. These were very well received . Ladies visited our stand to learn, look at the beautiful quilts and to see what they could buy. Our applique paper proved to be quite popular.

All the ladies who purchased something were given a lucky ticket.Draws were done at 10:45am and 3: 45pm . Beth went around announcing the draw with a Finding Nemo bubble maker, calling all the ladies to come to our stand for the draw.The lucky ladies won a lucky packet of quilting goodies.

I was fortunate this year because I was able to do duty at our stand on two days. Usually I'm at school and can only attend the workshop on the Saturday.When I arrived on Saturday I was given wonderful news - Tollgate Quilters’ Guild was placed third in the Show Competition – and this is what was said about us:- Inviting and eye-catching, interactive and very enthusiastic demonstrators, the bubbles were fun and definitely drew people to your stand. Very Well Done! Wow!!! Exciting News!!!!

I spent most of Saturday at the Reminisce stand learning about the "Cuttlebug" and I did a course in scrapbooking on a canvas. I really enjoyed that workshop. I will post a picture of the completed canvas in a few days. I shopped till I dropped! Bought a "Cuttlebug" and a few accessories amongst other things. I was really interested in the Artists Paintsticks and how they can be used in stencilling on fabric, wood, paper, glass, tiles etc. The inks that are used in scrapbooking ( Tim holtz Range ) was also used on the canvas and to make labels and tags so effectively.

I'm so glad I attended the Sewing ,Knitting and Craft Workshop this year. I will definitely be back next year.