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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Luscious Little Layerings

The "Luscious Little Layerings" project was launched at the KZN Quilters Guild May meeting  by Beth Barkus of Tollgate QG.

The idea came from the British Patchwork Association's "Little Gems" project http://littlegemquilts.wordpress.com/ 
 that culminated in a tombola stand at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts in 2011.That project had its origins in the Journal Quilts exhibitions which ran for several years at the Houston Quilt Festival.

Beth contacted the British Patchwork Association and they have graciously given us permission to develop our own "Little Gems" project- except we are calling it  "Luscious Little Layerings". We will also have a tombola stand at the National Quilting Festival in Durban in 2015 and the proceeds will go towards the  costs of that festival.

The website will be up at the end of May with Journal Quilts by members of various groups and we encourage quilters in South Africa and abroad to participate  in this venture.There will be ideas and basic patterns on the website and photos of the quilts will be published on the site as they come in.

Beth Barkus: French Braid
S-o-o-o, watch this space for details of the website. 

Post Challenge

Hi ladies

You may remember ,a while back, I encouraged you all to enter a postcard in the Reader's Challenge for ClothPaperScissors . Well guess what!When I received my copy of the latest edition of ClothPaperScissors ( May/June 2012- issue 42) , I was paging through looking at all the beautiful pieces of art when I came across the "Post Challenge" pictures - my fabric postcard was on page 86. I couldn't believe it! They received more than 200 postcards and my postcard was one of 41 postcards that were published.
There were postcards from all parts of the world- UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada and  America .
Wow!! I am so happy ! I must mention that some of the techniques I used , I learnt from Glenda. Thank you Glenda!    

Hennie Stroebel: Lecture at KZNQG

The lecture at the May meeting of the KwaZulu Natal Quilters Guild was about Hennie Stroebel, the icconic Durban embroiderer and ceramicist.

Hennie Stroebel is a completely self taught embroiderer, stitching for the past 18 years, expressing his love for the Levant ( Middle East to us mortals) and  his first major embroidery exhibition was held  last year at the KwaZulu Natal Society of Arts Gallery. 

You can see his incredible work at this site :  http://www.nsagallery.co.za/exhibitions/recollect_a_turquoise_journey.htm 

His attention to detail is stupendous, given that much of the work is on a small scale. He wields his needle like a paint brush, using thread in entirely new ways.

There is also information about the artist.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Show and Tell at Tollgate's meeting in May.

 Rogany with her teddy bear quilt . The bears and flowers were hand appliqued.It's a lovely gift for a friend's baby.
 This cushion cover was made by Maureen Whitfield. Love the colours and the different techniques used in each block!
This cot quilt and teddy bear was made by Lia. The quilt is pinned and ready to be quilted.  A teddy to match the quilt! Isn't it absolutely adorable?
Well done ladies!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Quilt Academy course - Circle Magic

Ladies busy cutting, sticking and sewing circles!

Phil's class sample

My work in progress!
The fourth Quilt Academy workshop was held on Saturday ,19th May 2012. Phil Fisher taught her Circle Magic course. She taught a technique used to attach perfect circles on a background. You could make a small wallhanging or a cushion cover.
All the ladies enjoyed the course and left smiling knowing they have accomplished something. Some of the ladies reached the quilting stage too!

The technique that Phil taught can be used to make other patterns as well. I was so pleased with my efforts , I couldn't wait to go home and finish the quilt top.It is now ready for quilting.
 Great job , Phil!

 Lunch was provided by Thavi -  Lamb Kebabs or Macaroni and cheese . I had the lamb kebabs and I thought it was delicious! Thanks Thavi!

The next course will be held on 28th July 2012. I'm rushing off to book a place! Until next time....

P.S. Looking for a name for my quilt- any ideas ladies?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Feathers and More Feathers

This is what I was playing around with on the weekend.
The fill leaves a bit to be desired but this time I was just playing around.
This, by the way, is freehand- no computers, just me and my machine.

I think I might make a big one.