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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sisters Exhibition at St Matthews

We went to St Matthews Church in Pietermaritzburg , today for the annual St Matthews Sisters Quilt Exhibition.I hope you were able to come as if you didn't, you missed something special.

Marline Turner and her team were up at crack of dawn this morning- and that's DARK and COLD in Pietermaritzburg on a winter's morning!- setting up the quilts in the church and out in the grounds of St Matthews.

We were supposed to have been there at 7.30 am but were delayed due to the usual truck accident on the N3- this time under the bridge at Hammarsdale.

This is what greeted us as we drove in to the grounds:

Spread around the grounds were rows of quilts all suspended from washing lines strung between the trees.

There were all sorts of quilts : from king-sized bed quilts down to knee quilts and cot quilts and anything in-between.

There were applique quilts - this one is,I think, Marline Turner's quilt.

And puff quilts, and pieced quilts and more applique quilts of all descriptions.

Sampler quilts and Pinwheels on the fences and in the grounds as well as in the church.

Here are two I found in the church, both beautifully made.

Then I found this one which I loved.

Luscious Little Layerings  was also there with Beth Barkus, the convenor, with lots of examples of journal quilts.We are hoping to see many Luscious Little Layerings come into being as a result of Beth's enthusiasm at Sisters.

Amafu, Nimble Fingers , Quilt Studio and Nicky Mommen were there, together with the MACS ladies,representing the quilt supply vendors and, of course , the teas and eateries were supplied by the able ladies of St Matthews.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Luscious Little Layerings and Sisters Exhibition

Quilts on the fence at St Matthews June 2011
The Luscious Little Layerings team will be at the Sisters Quilt Exhibition at St MAtthews Church, Hesketh Drive, Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg from 9.00 am till around 3.00 pm.

Please come and see us when you come to the exhibition. We would love to show you the Journal Quilts and the Luscious Little Layers we currently have.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Luscious Little Layerings

This is a new fund raising venture by Natal Quilters Guild to raise funds for the 2015 festival here in Durban.

It's modelled on the "Little Gems" project from the U.K., whose originators graciously gave us permission to use their idea for our own project.

Beth Barkus

We think it has lots of potential and we hope that you will join us by contributing your own "Luscious Little Layering". Here is the link:
Luscious Little Layerings

We have put up some photos of journal quilts from various South African quilters to give you some inspiration. If you don't know what to do there are FAQs and guide lines but pretty much anything goes as long as its made of fabric, has three layers and is stitched.

Friday, June 1, 2012